Random Questions

75. How old were you when you attended your first funeral? (2 comments)

74. How long were you engaged? (1 comment)

73. Of all the things you wanted but never got, what was the one you wanted most? (no comments)

72. Would you trade your wisdom for youth? (no comments)

71. Who do you bring laughter to? (no comments)

70. How many hearts have you broken? (no comments)

69. Who would you most like to hear from right now? (no comments)

68. How do these people possibly expect me to grow up and stop acting like a wise-ass teenager when everywhere I go, radios are still playing all the Top 40 hits from 1985-1986, when I was 16-17 years old? (2 comments)

67. Who was the best friend you ever left behind? (no comments)

66. When you were a kid, where did your parents hide the Christmas presents? (no comments)

65. What was the worst thing you ever did that you completely got away with? (no comments)

64. What cycle are you trying to break? (no comments)

63. Do you still have a secret world? (1 comment)

62. What are you addicted to? (no comments)

61. What do you have to lose? (1 comment)

60. Charlie Sheen or Chuck Lorre? (no comments)

59. What happened when you were young that made you different? (3 comments)

58. Do you ask people to take off their shoes when entering your home? (3 comments)

57. Have you ever written a letter you knew you would never send? (1 comment)

56. Who’s afraid of you? (1 comment)

55. Have you ever heard someone’s cry for help? (4 comments)

54. What pseudonym would you use? (1 comment)

53. Who broke your heart? (2 comments)

52. Does the name “Percy Thrillington” mean anything to you? Percy “Thrills” Thrillington? (1 comment)

51. Did you earn it? Or was it given to you? (1 comment)

50. Do you have a crappy boss? (6 comments)

49. How long do you think you could go without communicating with other people? (2 comments)

48. For what or when are you homesick? (1 comment)

47. At what age were you most creative? (1 comment)

46. When was the last time you surprised yourself? (no comments)

45. What is the thing you still have to prove? (no comments)

44. What can you tell me about Jens Lekman? (2 comments)

43. Are you less fun than you used to be? (2 comments)

42. What is the biggest thing you have ever given up on? (4 comments)

41. What do you do when everyone else has gone to bed? (4 comments)

40. Let’s say you came into some cash (through the lottery, an inheritance, screenplay sale, etc.). What would be the minimum amount you would need to receive to feel comfortable enough to quit your day job and pursue your passion/art/writing career full-time? (9 comments)

39. What are you afraid of? (2 comments)

38. What does your partner find attractive about you? (no comments)

37. How late do you sleep on weekends? (1 comment)

36. When you buy a calzone, you know how they know the thing is dry, so they always give you a little marinara sauce on the side to put on it? Why don’t they just bake the marinara sauce into the calzone? (1 comment)

35. What is your one memory that makes you who you are today? (no comments)

34. What is your all-time favorite book? (5 comments)

33. Did the thought process/territory/implications of Random Question #32 make you uncomfortable (no comments)?

32. If your partner decided s/he wanted to look up an old ex and restart a platonic friendship, how would you respond to your partner? (1 comment)

31. Do you have a secret? (3 comments)

30. If you’re going to half-ass something, should you go all out and half-ass it all the way or would it be more pure to just half-ass the way you half-ass it? (no comments)

29. If Darth Vader told a joke, which joke would it be? (1 comment)

28. What makes you feel powerful? (1 comment)

27. Have you ever been totally clueless that someone was in love with you? (no comments)

26. In what city in the world would you most like to live – and why don’t you live there? (no comments)

25. 2007 – Was it good for you? (1 comment)

24. What is Stevie Nicks’s best song with Fleetwood Mac that does NOT have a one-word title? (no comments)

23. What has been the best happy accident of your life so far? (1 comment)

22. If you had a time machine, would you go forward or back? (3 comments)

21. What do you most like to think about? (1 comment)

20. Are you pretty much, like, screwed? (1 comment)

19. Who would play you in the movie? (1 comment)

18. Did you have a high-school English teacher who changed your life? (3 comments)

17. The last time somebody broke your heart, how long did it take you to get over it? (5 comments)

16. What is the weirdest job you ever had? (1 comment)

15. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? (1 comment)

14. Do you still dig Beck? (2 comments)

13. What is your favorite Beatles album or song? (1 comment)

12. How much do you usually pay for a haircut? (3 comments)

11. What is your favorite candy bar of all time? (2 comments)

10. Do you have a problem with authority? (2 comments)

9. What was the worst job you ever had? (2 comments)

8. What is your secret weapon? (3 comments)

7. If you had to pick one: Italian food or Mexican food? (5 comments)

6. Do you often experience stillness in your everyday life? (3 comments)

5. Do you ever wonder whatever happened to that short, dark-haired, big-ace-Foster-Grants-wearing lead guitarist for the Flock of Seagulls? (2 comments)

4. Do you ever have that role-reversal dream where you are tiny and roaches are 20 feet tall and you have to scamper around a giant disgusting roach house in search of food for your family while the giant roaches stomp at you with their giant roach feet and utilize every trap and chemical their roach scientists can devise to kill you and your babies? (4 comments)

3. Can people change? (6 comments)

2. Have you given your best performance yet? (1 comment)

1. Has anyone ever saved your life? (2 comments)


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