Random Question #63

Do you still have a secret world?


One Response to Random Question #63

  1. cmalbrecht says:

    When I’m working on a novel, that becomes my secret world. Some of my best efforts comes from lying on my back while daydreaming. When things work out right, I slip into that secret world and my characters come alive and start talking. Man, do I as a fly on the wall pick up on a lot of good stuff. But I have to rush to the computer right away and get it down or I’ll forget.
    Some of my dreams appear to be a secret world. Early this morning I dreamed I was a door-to-door salesman trying to sell telephone directories. Here I was lugging around this big directory in a plastic bag along with documents and knocking on doors. One old lady allowed me into her home. I started my pitch but she said he son would be there in a moment and I could talk to him. While this was going on, I wondered who in the world would pay for a phone book when there are so many free ones floating around. I was still trying to think of a good reason to buy when I woke up, thank God.

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