Random Question #40

Let’s say you came into some cash (through the lottery, an inheritance, screenplay sale, etc.). What would be the minimum amount you would need to receive to feel comfortable enough to quit your day job and pursue your passion/art/writing career full-time?


9 Responses to Random Question #40

  1. My current salary for three years… so I suppose $200,000, but If you get to stay somewhere for free, I’d take 50,000 easy…

    I hate my day job 🙂

  2. eBookGuru says:

    I already pursue my writing career full time, and if I came into a large amount of cash I would likely just pay off my mortgage and give the rest to charity.


  3. Dating Advice says:

    I wish I am brave enough to sacrifice my job to pursue what I really want, like photography.

    Answer to the question. It’s not realistic, but I want a 1million dollar.


  4. Wes says:

    My day job is actually something I really enjoy, but if I could get enough $$$ to fund my own research without grant writing, then we’d be in good shape. So if I got an endowment providing ~$1,000,000/year for my lab, it’d be perfect.

    Any leads on where I could get that?

  5. Robin Mizell says:

    Hey, Robb, I quit my day job to pursue a freelance career in the publishing industry, but not until I’d put in 25 soul-crushing years earning a pension. Call me a coward.

    You’ll be pleased to know the new Screenwriter’s & Playwright’s Market guidebook quotes you on page 48, in a section about revisions and rewrites. If you can’t have a windfall around the holidays, then a little free publicity is always nice, right?

    Thanks again for contributing your advice to the book. Chuck Sambuchino and I appreciated it.

  6. Robb says:

    Robin – I’ll call you a hero, not a coward! I guess I only have 21 soul-crushing years and one pension to go…

    And you’re very welcome for my tiny contribution – thanks very much for including me. Do I still get a copy (hint, hint)?

  7. Robin Mizell says:

    Could you send me or Chuck a postal address? I think we can make it happen.

  8. Aruni says:

    I’d say $5 milllion so I can start a fund to invest some money in other entrepreneurs.

  9. Robb says:

    Tammy emailed:

    3 times your annual salary.

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