Random Question #4

Do you ever have that role-reversal dream where you are tiny and roaches are 20 feet tall and you have to scamper around a giant disgusting roach house in search of food for your family while the giant roaches stomp at you with their giant roach feet and utilize every trap and chemical their roach scientists can devise to kill you and your babies?


4 Responses to Random Question #4

  1. christine says:

    Why, yes, Robb.
    Yes. I have.
    That very dream, exactly as you described.
    By God. That is uncanny.

  2. Aruni says:

    Nope. sorry. I did have a dream that we won the lottery last week so I bought some tickets and lo and behold we didn’t win anything! Imagine that.

  3. Roxane says:

    No. But I will now that you planted that visual in my head.

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