Random Question #43

Are you less fun than you used to be?


2 Responses to Random Question #43

  1. Wes says:

    Yes. Definitely.

  2. Tammy Bach says:

    I am having a blast lately. Wes, you should get away with friends. I have been feeling great lately after I conciously decided to not hang out with negative people. It is way more fun to spend your time and energy with people who are going to help you learn and grow. Have you read The Top 10 Distrinctions between Winners and Whiners by Keith Cameron Smith? One example: Winners brighten a room by entering, whiners by leaving. One other thing that has made a differnece for me personally is I have begun to dream again. Too many people let feeling good or comfortable keep them from feeling great and dreaming big. How about you? Are you as fun as you always were? Swing orange, baby!

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