Fo(u)r the Birds

October 30, 2012

Again from my Instagram feed – a quad of four favorite shots from Australia. For some reason my best photos always seem to have birds in them…


Morning Commute

October 24, 2012

Two from Australia/Instagram

February 8, 2012

We recently had the pleasure of taking a wonderful Christmas vacation to Australia. Thousands of photos. Literally. Here are  just two of the many I’ve posted to Instagram:


December 23, 2011

Soon after I wrote my last post about photography, I discovered Instagram. I am now completely addicted.

Instagram is Twitter, but with photos.

It’s amazing. Thousands of people submitting thousands of photos every minute. But it’s not overwhelming – you follow the people you want and their uploads get added to your Feed. Sound familiar? The interface is just like Facebook/Twitter, and is perfect for the iPhone. Want to try looking around a little? The Popular page and searchable hashtags make it very manageable.

And the photos? Wow. Astonishing. Take them with your iPhone or import them from photos uploaded from any camera. People are talented, you know? Amazingly talented. There’s some really stunning photography on here. I have ridiculed Twitter in the past, but with Instagram the social network revolution has hooked me. There’s a reason Apple recently named Instagram its 2011 App of the Year. Genius.

I’ve only uploaded/shared a few photos so far, but I’ll soon be uploading daily. A few my my recent uploads are below. If you’re on Instagram follow me – username is robblanum. See you there!




October 28, 2011

I love photography. Like writing, I don’t do nearly enough of it.

On a whim I decided to upload one of my favorite photos to zoetrope. I’ve submitted screenplays, short stories, and flash fiction there for some (great) peer review, but I never appreciated the fact that they have a photography peer review section there as well (in addition to storyboards, costume design, songwriting, scenic design, you name it). This peer review reminds me very much of the give and take and constant creative exposure I got in film school, and I desperately miss that environment. Once again I recommend zoetrope to everyone doing (or trying to do) creative work.

Anyway, so I decided to upload one of my best photos. Turns out it became the #2 highest-rated photo submission for August 2011. This was some completely unexpected encouragement.

Hey – do something creative every day. And show it to people.

And here’s the photo:

Fun With Apple’s New iPhoto

August 10, 2007

In addition to being a music fanatic, a film school graduate, and a photography nut, I’m also a Mac guy. So whenever Apple rolls out their newest version of their iLife suite (consisting of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Garage Band, and iWeb), I go out and buy it all over again. So when at work yesterday I suddenly realized that Michelle, Jay, and Sandy had taken the kids to The Grove, I text messaged everyone to make a stop at the Apple Store for me. With over 700 Italy photos, I was ready for all the cool new bells and whistles the new update to iPhoto promised.

Like this.

Now the above link is only a test run, something slapped together pretty quickly, but man it is fun. There was some kind of error in the upload so not everything works yet, but the idea is that in addition to being able to view the photos in various formats, people can also download the full-size images. Pretty cool, especially for far away family members.

Play around with the options there – I sent you to Mosaic mode, but there’s also Carousel mode (which is neat) plus others. Fun stuff. Just wait until I go through the hundreds of others and make a proper gallery.