Scene from the Second Honeymoon

August 11, 2009

Here’s the living room floor on Day 5. It’s not as glamourous at it looks…


Some of the notecards are blank – those scenes have been written, I just haven’t done notecards yet because I’m not there yet. (Somewhere in there are a few script pages from David Lynch’s Lost Highway. Yes, I’m stealing from the best.) The big empty space in the floor is for me.

Total seconds spent playing Wii so far: zero.

Okay, break’s over.


Quote of the Day

November 3, 2008

                        (to Renee)
                Do you own a video camera? 

                No. Fred hates them.

The detectives both look at Fred.

                I like to remember things my own way.

                What do you mean by that?

                How I remember them. Not necessarily the
                way they happened.

– David Lynch and Barry Gifford, Lost Highway, 1997

Sounds Like “Aftershocks” To Me…

September 21, 2007

Saw this”screenplay wanted” listing on one of my newsletters:

>>We are looking for completed feature-length quirky drama scripts that draw on magic realism, something in the vein of ‘Mulholland Dr.,’ ‘Lost Highway,’ or one of Haruki Morukami’s novels (e.g. ‘After Dark’). Submissions should be for stories that examine the darker shadows and corners of human nature, albeit from an unusual perspective. We do not necessarily intend to focus so much on violence, but more on a fresh perspective of a deeper truth or perception – something that offers us a newer way of seeing things, possibly using a subtle sense of humour. It should speak with cinematic grammar and language and be visually atmospheric. It should not be so obscure as to be totally uncommercial and needs to be entertaining and have a good pace.

>>Budget will not exceed $6 million. WGA and non-WGA writers may submit.

Now, aside from a tangential discussion about what exactly he means by “magical realism” (my definition seems to be different from his), I figured this was the most direct solicitation for a script like Aftershocks that I am ever going to see in my lifetime. (Directly referencing Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive? Where has this guy been all my life?!) So I wrote the guy a quick note and submitted a logline/synopsis. We’ll see if he asks for the full script.

And if you’re reading this and you’ve never read Aftershocks, why not?

Quote of the day

August 25, 2007

I don’t know which way anything will go because it’s all about the ideas that come that you fall in love with. In between things, there are no ideas — and then suddenly there’s the idea. If you fall in love with it, you know exactly what to do. Sometimes it can be surprising.

– David Lynch 2007