Out of Nowhere

Big day today. Out of nowhere, there were two voicemails on my machine when I got home from work, both about I Hate That Guy!. If that script title doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because I never talk about it – it’s been dead for a long while. Well, not “dead” so much as stillborn – it’s been close to being represented but has never been sent out. Anyway, the point is that both parties had very nice things to say about it.

So now I have a meeting about it with some development execs at a small (but influential) studio, plus I’ve exchanged emails (and scripts) with a manager who also liked it. This is easily the most interest this script has generated in its lifetime. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks inktip. (And thanks Role Models.) This is the once-in-a-long-while ego boost that keeps the dream alive. Amazing how much mileage us struggling writers can get out of these fleeting moments…


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