Happy New Year

The new school year started in L.A. last week – which means there’s bologna and cheese for school lunches in the fridge, commute traffic got worse on the 405, and all our schedules just went out the window. Parker has graduated from daycare and just started preschool, so that means a different school, in a different part of the west side, with different hours. So now it’s smarter for me to pick up both boys from school every afternoon instead of just Harris like I’ve always done.

The good news is that I will get to spend more time with the boys, especially Parker. The bad news is we’ll be taking things day by day for a while in terms of a routine of what we do after school. With Harris we had different activities scheduled on most days, and he was old enough to read or do his own thing one day a week for me to have a writing afternoon. But Parker is 3, so he’ll need supervision. And he’s only 3 once, so I want to have some good quality time with him. We’ll just have to see how things shake out.

It looks like I will have to schedule time to write in the evenings now after the boys go to bed, or establish a plan of writing time on the weekends. I have always avoided this (writing on weekends when all 4 of us can play together), but maybe now it’s time. I was able to grab pieces of time here and there the last couple of weeks (Psycho Ex is up to 85 pages), but I need to back up and figure out the time availabilities of this new era. Since I started the day job, I’ve never had a very good plan/schedule for writing – I have to take advantage of this new development and make it an opportunity, not just a crisis.


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