Good News/Bad News

Good news: Got 5 pages of Psycho Ex written last night, including a 2-page scene where the protagonist confronts his psycho ex-girlfriend/stalker that I’m really happy about. This takes Psycho Ex up to 78 pages (72 pages of script, 6 of outline).

Bad news: The 5 pages I wrote should have been about 3 1/2, and this should come in the 40s-50s or so of the script, not pages 67-72. We still have several scenes before the midpoint (or at least what I assumed was the midpoint). This draft will be a 180-page behemoth that will have to be extensively focused and chopped.

Good news: I am pleasantly surprised that this script clearly has enough story to get us through 100+ pages. Usually I have the opposite problem, and once I get everything tightened up I get down to about 95. I’m also psyched that I am back in the writing swing and have 2 more writing afternoons arranged for this week.

Bad news: The summer is over, man. All that time I thought I would have to write faded away with a family vacation and changing kids’ schedules due to swimming lessons, weird school/daycare schedules, etc. Not to mention the day job. When you’re trying to create a writing routine, the utter lack of a life routine can really screw things up. My “summer sprint” of the end of August won’t get me far.

Good news: 5 pages (and counting) is better than nothing. Overall, I’d say the glass is more than half-full. And did I mention that that 2-page confrontation scene has me psyched?


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