Summer Slowdown

No, I haven’t forgotten about The Challenge. Since my son’s school year ended, there has been no semblance of any routine (swimming lessons for 2 weeks here, a different summer school for 4 weeks there…) – and it’s hard to write when you’re the shuttle driver. But there’s good news: we’ve slipped into a semi-routine and I’ve carved out some time for most weekdays, even getting a few pages written this past Tuesday afternoon. Psycho Ex is up to 71 pages now with Dead Guy at 66.

The bad news is that this semi-routine will only last for another few days, until we fly to Texas for a week vacation. If things go as I hope during the second half of August, I may be able to get a LOT more done those last two weeks – this is when I hope to really get up to a sprint. This will be my best shot at a continuous writing window for the rest of 2008.

And I’ll need it – after initially being concerned that these two ideas were too slim to expand into feature screenplays, I’ve been having the opposite problem. At 71 and 66 pages in, I am nowhere near the midpoints of each story. I think this has a lot to do with the piecemeal process of the writing of these scripts (which has been VERY different from the process I’ve used on every other script), but we’ll see. As I have suspected for a while, it is looking like these will be the longest and loosest and roughest first drafts I’ve ever written. This is very different from my usual style, as my first drafts are usually pretty close to my final versions, mostly needing only trimming and focusing within existing scenes. This time there will likely be radical revisions of structure and combining/deleting of several scenes. August, here we come.


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