Weekend Progress

Aftershocks – I did indeed finish the rewrite on Tuesday night, then gave the rewrite to 7 or 8 friends on Wednesday. Quick feedback from the first 2 was positive. Pleased with myself, I took the long weekend off. Then today I emailed it off to the script’s new representation for their notes. We’ll see what they think.

Supervillain – I tossed around a few replacement titles all weekend and ran them by a few friends. Everybody’s a critic. I narrowed those down to 5 lucky finalists (I thought I could decide on 1 but no go) and emailed those to Supervillain’s producers. I think I’m in good shape – I thought they were pretty good and I can live with pretty much any of them. Suggestions are still welcome…

Hancock – helped me out (I think). Good numbers. Now we have to take advantage!

Wall-E – saw it on Friday with the wife and kids. I am a huge Pixar fan and I was not disappointed. That said, I think the claims of “Best Picture” contender are somewhat overstated. Best Animated Feature, sure, but Best Picture material? I liked it but there are a couple of Pixar features I’d rank it below. More discussion soon.


One Response to Weekend Progress

  1. Wes says:

    I’m not sure yet what to think of Wall-E. I was impressed with it’s ability to keep me watching the entire time with so little dialog. The commentary was way too blunt for my taste, though.

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