Page Count = 3

Script Frenzy 2008 – I’m in. And I invite all other writers to join in as well. Let’s do this thing. The idea: to write a screenplay (100 pages) in April. Come on, that’s less than 4 pages a day.

I’m kind of tweaking the goal for my purposes – instead of writing a 100-page script, my goal is to write a total of 100 pages combined of Dead Guy and Psycho Ex. If I do that, I will possibly finish both scripts in April (or at least be very, very close). Plus I have a pretty powerful idea for a short story or short script – maybe that will get played with as a little (or even big) experiment.

And I even put my money where my mouth is and got started today – 3 pages of Psycho Ex. First new pages of that script in a long time. It feels good. Hey, 3 or 4 pages a day is all it takes. I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

If I can keep it up all month, I’ll have (rough) first drafts to start rewriting.

And if I can’t, at least I’ll get a little kick in the pants. The Challenge needs all the momentum it can get…

Who’s with me?


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