Some Movement

Busy season has just ended at my day job so we should be seeing a lot more writing (on both the blog and on the scripts) in the near future. Speaking of which…

It seems like just a few days ago I posted that I was in hurry up and wait mode, but somehow it has been a month already. And in the last few days there has been some movement on Supervillain:

Abbot Update: I exchanged emails with my contact at Abbot Management the other day and learned that no news had meant – as it usually does – no news. It appears Supervillain may be on the bubble over there – they don’t represent the script, but they haven’t officially passed either. At last glance of their website, they say they represent 13 writers and have 28 more in their development library, so evidently they are making commitments and signing people – and at least one of them has commented here – but not me. Via email they told me they would be making more decisions about other scripts in mid-April, and I should expect a decision then. I infer this to be further reinforcement of what I heard from one of their readers, that they think the script has commercial potential but aren’t completely happy with it yet as written. And since it is still under option, they don’t have to play their hand now anyway. At first I was bummed about the dragging on about this, but then I got some info today that caused me to stop caring (see Option Update).

Option Update: Last time I reported that my producers had spoken to a new money source that might be interested in financing the entire budget of Supervillain. Today, over a month later, I learned that this party is still interested. My producer acknowledged that things are moving slowly, but.. well, here’s what she said:

>>We’ve signed some initial paperwork with them to start exploration of a potential deal. It’s the first step toward investigating the financial details and possible terms. It’s moving along, slowly but surely.

Apparently this is a group of venture capitalists which has never invested in a film before, and that explains the slow and careful pace. My producer had lined up 80% of the budget from other sources, but this group wants to finance the whole thing itself (a very good sign we think) and they are also talking about budgets for P&A. And if they are the sole investor, we figure they would want to be serious about P&A to protect their investment. So things may be moving slowly, but this is very promising. I always try to keep myself from getting excited, but I’ll just say that today I am pretty excited.

I have officially set myself up for a quite a fall now…


One Response to Some Movement

  1. mcamp says:


    writing is kind of like that old saying about better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. personally I don’t think you’ll fall. In the unlikely event that you do, better to have tried and fall then to never have tried at all.

    Lots of luck, my fingers are crossed for you and the deal.


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