Read a Random Scene

Yesterday was a good day – my first new scene in quite a while. Dead Guy is now up to 27 pages (38 with outline). Anyway…

Despite my euphoria and energy to put the scene out there for immediate feedback, I know this is a bad idea – the scene probably sucks, and will change a thousand times before anybody else needs to look at it. I want the scene to be done, but of course it’s not even close. So, to fulfill this excitement and my need to be read, I’ve added a new section to the blog: Random Scene, visible in the buttons/menu above. Although the new Dead Guy scene has no business being read, I have plenty of others that are ready. This way I can get attention and privacy at the same time. The inaugural page is a scene I randomly thought about this morning, taken from a script that has gained lately in my own estimation.

One scene is posted now, but it won’t be there for long – I will change out the scene at random intervals with other scenes from other scripts. This new section is designated a “page” and not a “post,” so I don’t think there will be any emails/notices of new blog content generated when the scene does change,  so check back in and select that menu button whenever if you’re looking for a quick read. Enjoy.


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