The Answer

One afternoon last week. Robb drives his kids Harris (age 7) and Parker (age 3) down the street.

HARRIS: Dad, can we go to the train store?
ROBB: Not today, son,we’re going to the mall. Remember we need to go get a Christmas present for your Mom from you and Parker.
HARRIS: But Dad, you said last week we could go sometime.
ROBB: I know son, and we will. But right now we need to go to get that present for your Mom. Today is our only chance to all go together.
HARRIS: But Dad, we never get to–
ROBB: I already said the answer son.
HARRIS: But we–
ROBB (interrupting, voice slightly raised): I already said the answer.

Harris mopes. Parker takes it all in.

CUT TO: That night, an hour past Parker’s bedtime. Robb reads Parker the last page of yet another storybook.

ROBB: And Thomas and Percy fell fast asleep. (putting the book away) Okay, Parker, it’s time for bed.
PARKER: I want another Thomas story.
ROBB: But that was the last book. It’s time for bed now.
PARKER: I want another Thomas story!
ROBB (tucking him in): But it’s time to tuck you in and give you a kiss good–
PARKER: I already said the answer!


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