Not Gonna Happen

This hurts me.

As recently as 2 weeks ago I was convinced that I still had a shot at meeting The Challenge before the end of 2007. Now I have come to realize that it is not gonna happen. Not this year. I was manageably behind until about September, but then the move happened. I knew this would cut severely into my writing time, but I remained ambitious and optimistic. A little too optimistic.

I will not cross the finish line but I won’t say I failed – Psycho Ex has 45 completed script pages in a 54-page document (script + outline). Dead Guy currently has 22/31. So while I would have liked to have written more, and in less time than 8 months or whatever, The Challenge was successful in getting me off my butt. Mental masturbation? Maybe. But those are 85 pages that would probably not have been written otherwise.

And I’m not done yet.

I’ve had a few ideas of possible ways to continue into 2008 with a bigger, better Challenge 2.0, possibly (1) finishing one of the scripts by a date in summer 2008, (2) completing a showable (not just a first draft) of BOTH scripts and getting both uploaded to industry readers on by the end of 2008, or most ambitiously (3) getting both scripts uploaded to by some summer 2008 date. But, in the spirit of The Challenge and of setting ambitious – even scary – goals for myself, I’ve had another idea: opening up The Challenge 2.0 to discussion by you guys. After all, one of the biggest goals of The Challenge – and of setting up a blog to put the process out there for everyone to see – was to (try to) get myself out of my comfort zone and take on new ideas/requirements/pressure from the outside. It may not have always looked like it, and I may have made decisions regarding what is “realistic” and whatever in a way that may have seemed arbitrary at times, but The Challenge was pretty successful at doing this. Hey, 85 pages. Good old external motivation.

So what do you think? One script by the summer? Both by December? Something completely different I haven’t even thought of? Let’s do this.

Challenge me.


2 Responses to Not Gonna Happen

  1. Aruni says:

    I suggest one script completed by end of 1Q and progress made to finish next one by 3Q. But you know I’m always a bit overzealous. 🙂

  2. Robb says:

    Overzealous is good.

    So far (as the only suggestion) your plan is the front-runner. Those dates would apply for at least a first draft, definitely, and hopefully more. I have a feeling with these scripts that they will require more rewriting than is usual for me – they are just feeling very rough in structure (Psycho Ex) and plot (Dead Guy). Usually I have a more concrete plan/outline for scripts. I think this looser approach is better in the long term for the script, keeps it more alive and organic, but that’s a whole different post.

    Once I figure out the new plan (hopefully there will still be more suggestions, maybe even entirely new directions) I will write it up and officially launch it as The Challenge 2.008. Get it?

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