Supervillain Update

I know everyone out there is hearing about the writers’ strike and thinking, “yeah, yeah, DVDs, residuals, internet – but how does it affect ROBB?!” I thought the same thing. So I emailed the producer who has optioned my script and asked her. Here’s what she said:

>>It’s hard to peg exactly how the strike will affect everything, but it could very well be helpful. We’re definitely still trying to find a home for Supervillain. We even have a potential investor for 85% of the budget if we can find the other 15%.

>>…the strike could end up being helpful, since there will be a lack of content in the market soon, but the tricky part is that November & December are the lightest buying months anyway, so a lot of places are just holing up and waiting to see if the strike is over by the new year.

So… 85% of the budget is there – anybody want to make an investment?

Hey, if we sell the house


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