Why Do Blogs (Mostly) Suck?

A friend of mine (the friend who issued The Challenge and who later did that write-up of me and who runs her own business) gets frustrated with me. Why? Well, because I have a complicated relationship with blogging (among other things).

Some people make money and even a living through blogging. I’m a frustrated writer and I have a blog, so she wonders why I don’t do this, or at least try to do this. I don’t market myself or my blog, and although intellectually I know you have to market yourself and your writing, and hard, I have an immediate skepticism and distrust (disgust?) for people who do.

In an ideal world, it’s all supposed to be on the page. If the writing’s good, people are supposed to show up. And if the writing is no good, people aren’t, and you are supposed to learn from this. But we all know where this is going.

Call me a jerk (okay, you’re a jerk), but in my opinion almost all blogs are embarrassing, a cross between PLEASE READ MY DIARY and throwing up. Like this. Many are people trying to flog their businesses, and after the first 4 or 5 posts of “this is how we make it happen!” and “you too can be a customer!” they really don’t have anywhere else to go – although they do keep going. And going. But I did say “almost” all blogs – I subscribe to a few blogs and they are invaluable. But the other 99.99% are all crap. An endless multiple-posts-per-day crap-fest.

So then why do I have a blog at all? Many reasons – one of which is probably to prove that I am better than most bloggers. I try to put fairly meaningful stuff out there for potential discussion. And this post could use some of that right about now.

Why do people blog anyway? To get attention, mostly. And again that raises my skepticism/disgust. People saying “look what I can do!” like we’re still in third grade, checking their blog stats for some measure of status. But wait – why do I write? If I am disgusted with people’s lame attempts for self-importance by blogging a bunch or useless diary diarrhea, aren’t my scripts – or at least all my talking about my scripts – the same thing? Is this post meaningful or just mental masturbation?

Talking/blogging about the process keeps me thinking about it, keeps my ideas flowing, but is that all? And even if it is, why? WHY does it keep me motivated and keep me on my toes? Because somebody may be watching?

Do “creative people” get attention because they are creative? Or are they only “creative” because they need attention?

And did I mention that other peoples’ blogs (mostly) suck?


5 Responses to Why Do Blogs (Mostly) Suck?

  1. krenee says:

    Well, having a diary online *is* the reason I have a blog. It is a journal/scrapbook, parts of which I happen to put online. I’m not doing it to impress anyone or make any money. I also don’t generally pretend to know what I’m talking about.

    I have over 100 friends on LiveJournal- most of whom I actually know in person- and we all keep up with each others’ lives quite effectively, and discuss all manner of subjects. Few of my posts are public; in fact I have several friends groups set up for who sees what kinds of posts.

    I write all manner of things. I wax philosophical, I reformat song lyrics, I get silly, I post horoscopes, I talk about growing up, and experiences I’ve had, and what I like and don’t about the world. It’s a window to my brain that people can choose to read, or not.

    My blog is not about quality. It’s about self-expression and my community of friends. It’s about whatever the f*ck I feel like rambling about online, for whatever reason I might feel like sharing. I don’t expect attention, praise, or fame (although I do have friends who really like my writing style and several have said I should write books).

    Hell, I don’t even care if anyone reads it, because it’s for Me more than it is for other people. If someone wants to know more about me, as a friend or random person, it’s their chance. If someone isn’t sufficiently entertained by my journal, too freakin’ bad. Everyone has choices of what to read or not to read.

  2. krenee says:

    One more thing. You say:
    People saying “look what I can do!” like we’re still in third grade, checking their blog stats for some measure of status.

    I like to imagine that yes, we’re all 3rd graders, but we’re playing in a sandbox, hanging out and shooting the sh*t, just being ourselves, and having a few laughs. No pressure to produce, or impress, or meet anyone’s expectations. We get enough of that at work.

    There are definitely people out to measure/inflate their status, but I feel kinda sorry for those people, sitting at computers worried about how many people they’re entertaining (especially for free), when they might have more success cultivating their OFFline personas. Those people need Hugs, IMO.

  3. Aruni says:

    Robb – I do get exasperated when you complain about how you come up with ideas that are similar to others who happen to get their movies produced before yours and then you keep on doing the same thing you’ve always done. If something’s not working the way you want it to then if you keep doing the same thing you’ll keep arriving at the same place. Hey, but it’s your life and it’s your world so you’ll do what you want to do. Who am I to get frustrated at you…you have your wife and kids to do that. 🙂

    krenee – although you say you don’t expect attention, praise, or fame there might be some of the reason you do write online because if not you might as well just write everything on your own computer or on a notepad that no one else can see. I admit, I blog for a combination of self expression, business, and validation.

    So according to Robb my blog SUCKS big time! Thanks Robb!

  4. krenee says:

    I mean to respond specifically to Aruni’s comment but

    Aruni- No question, I gladly accept attention, praise and fame from people who read my blog. I just don’t *expect* it, meaning it doesn’t make or break my day if I don’t get it. 🙂 If people don’t like what I write they are more than welcome to get their entertainment elsewhere. 🙂

    Seconding the emotion of if you keep doing things the same way, they’ll stay the same. I am at that point right now with a few things in my life and have put some changes in motion. It’s not easy, but stagnation totally rots the soul, especially for an artist.

  5. Aruni says:

    Totally agree Kristen (oops I mean krenee). 🙂 Right now Robb is confused as to why anyone could misinterpret his post. I told him having a post that is controversial is great and inviting discussion is what it’s all about.

    Robb – As I said over email, I know you don’t think my blog SUCKS…I was just giving you a hard time. 🙂

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