T Minus 10 Days And Counting

If everything continues to follow its current course, Michelle will have her house and back yard next Wednesday (10/24). The U-Haul truck has been reserved, the utilities switch-overs have been scheduled, and our stuff is slowly but surely getting boxed up. The house was (supposedly) evacuated this weekend and gets tented/fumigated for termites tomorrow. The rest of the documentation gets signed tomorrow, and the walk-through is being scheduled. So everything for the house close looks to be in great shape. 10 days until they hand over the keys.

Then there’s the condo. We hit a couple of snags last week with our buyer, but those were resolved. Now we are left with one foreseeable potential issue (it is supposedly being discussed now) and of course all the unforeseeable issues. But nearly everything there is done: the termite inspection was clean, the physical inspection has been addressed and resolved. Now we wait and hope nothing else pops up from the buyer. 17 days until the closing date there.

Two and a half weeks from now all this breath-holding should hopefully be just a memory. And then we can get down to paying off our biggest debt ever… And IKEA and Home Depot cards are actively being solicited for Christmas, no question.


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