Learn Something New Every Day

I get paid to be a grammar Nazi and before yesterday I would’ve got this question wrong. Without looking it up, how would you answer this? Send your answer as a comment.

Which of the following terms are acronyms:

a) RADAR (for radio detecting and ranging)
b) CIA (for Central Intelligence Agency)
c) NATO (for North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
d) all of the above are acronyms
e) all except a
f) all except b
g) all except c

Sorry Christine, you can’t play.


9 Responses to Learn Something New Every Day

  1. Wes says:

    e) all except a. It has other meanings now besides its original acronym meaning.

  2. Aruni says:

    ok. I change my answer to d) all of the above are acronyms

  3. Sandy says:

    d) all of the above are acronyms

  4. Kevin says:

    a) RADAR

  5. Tammy and Rick says:

    All except “B”. You don’t pronounce CIA like an Italian greeting. We did not look it up.

  6. Aruni says:

    Ah yes. Tammy is right. I just know it!

  7. Robb says:

    Yes! Tammy and Rick are correct. Pronunciation is the key.

  8. Roxane says:

    Ah Ha, very clever. Those crafty CIAers.

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