We Bought A House!

Many of you may have heard: Michelle and I bought a house! Well, I guess technically we are still “buying” a house, but after some negotiations we have a signed contract and a closing date (October 30 or sooner, depending on when our condo sells), so it is pretty much official. Michelle has always wanted a house (and the required back yard), so given the insane cost of housing here this has been a goal we have been working toward since the day we arrived in Los Angeles. We have kept an eye on the market since we bought our condo over 7 years ago, and after months of seriously looking we found a place we couldn’t say no to. It met all of our admittedly picky demands: more than 2 bedrooms (it has 4!), a back yard, and, like our condo, is in Culver City (for the schools). We are feeling pretty great about it. It will need some work – anything we could remotely afford here is not going to be perfect – but nothing urgent or really major. Let the IKEAzation begin!

Harris is very excited about it – the big tree in the backyard already has a swing, and the idea of not having to share a room with his 2-year-old brother any longer is a huge hit. I’m just afraid it will break Parker’s heart…

I hoped to take a picture or two of the exterior this weekend but never got around to it. But I did grab these from the website ad:

Now we just have to sell the condo! We put it on the market last week, but with scheduling around Labor Day this past weekend there won’t be an open house for another week or two. Know anybody looking for a newly remodeled 2-bedroom condo in west L.A.? Click here for our online listing. And tell your friends!


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