Fun with Google Maps

I may be a little off, but I think the house at the center of this map is the farmhouse we stayed at for a week outside Florence in Italy. It is the blurry house with the blurry pool at the center which Via della Villa Tiganello wraps around. If that is not “the” house, I’m pretty sure it is one of the three houses I can make out on that page.

It was a monastery with a vineyard built in the 1600s. There were at least 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in the main house (some of the main house was separated into an apartment for at least one maintenance guy so I’m not sure), and then there was a smaller house where the owners/caretakers lived – I don’t know how big that house was. The vineyard is still active and we came back with a couple of bottles of wine.

You can zoom out to see where we were relative to Florence and all of Italy.

In a word: magnifico.

Side topic: the Italian spelling of what we call “Florence” is actually “Firenze,” which if you ask me is much, much cooler than “Florence.” Anybody know why we don’t call it “Firenze”?

If it is a proper name, why is it translated at all? In Mexico, do they refer to “New York” as “Nuevo York”? If not, why do we ruin “Firenze”? Is this just due to the cultural imperialist thing? None of us could figure this out.


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