Back At It

Italy was great. Amazing. There will almost certainly be posts (and pictures) on that later. But now we’re back in town and back at work. And that means getting my head back into the scripts.

During a few hours between trains in Florence, Italy late in the vacation, I took out the scripts and started reading what I had. My head was clear and I hadn’t thought about them in a while. I started with Dead Guy, and I didn’t like what I read. It’s too busy, too cluttered, and it doesn’t breathe. The way I’ve structured it now (starting in the past), I just have too much exposition to get out before the emails get sent and we start moving. I may be too close to this one – I want to get so many ideas and themes out there right away that there is no time for conflict or plot movement. So I’ve made a couple of decisions: 1) I need to restructure it so that we get moving right away and 2) I need to put this one aside for a while.

The good news is that Psycho Ex is there to pick up the slack, and I think things are moving quite well. A coworker read my pages while I was gone and agreed: we are out of the gate pretty quickly and things move right away. Conflict from the first shot. And the visualization and details are pretty focused. This one’s going well. I’m still behind on my schedule, but I’m not worried. And as I work on this one, all the practice with a steadily-moving plot will hopefully spill over to Dead Guy. And if not, I’ll just keep cranking along with the one.


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