The Whole Point of No Return

This is part of an experiment. After taking some time off from writing to take on a comfortable day job and enjoy the birth of our new son, it’s time for me to get going again. Knowing that I’m a competitive guy who needs some external motivation at times like these, my wife gave her blessing to a challenge cooked up by a friend of mine: I should write a “mainstream” screenplay which can be enjoyed by a broader audience than the material I usually come up with. Initially skeptical, I realized I had nothing to lose. After debating between two competing ideas (a romantic comedy/drama and a psychological/suspense thriller), I embraced the spirit of the challenge and committed to write both. The goal is to finish both by the end of the year.


So why a blog? To put it all out there: Progress reports, random questions and story discussions, whatever. Again, I have nothing to lose. Maybe people will stop by to see how it’s going. Maybe this will help move me along when I need a push. Maybe we’ll get some discussions going that will feed into the scripts or serve as good procrastination material. Worst case: no one cares but it gets me back into the flow of getting ideas down and keeps me there. We’ll see.


You can subscribe by RSS or email through the links on the right. You can email me through a link there as well. Those button headings on the top of the page link to a regularly-updated status report (The Challenge) as well as a list of my other projects in various stages of activity (Projects).


One Response to The Whole Point of No Return

  1. Aruni says:

    I wonder what the name of that friend is and I wonder why your wife would bless such a challenge. Sounds crazy to me!

    I subscribed so I’m looking forward to reading some great stuff.


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